Leo’s Blanket… 

So, I’ve been a bit absent from the blog world. No reason really just life,  Crazy busy life. But I’m making a real conscious effort to take some time for myself to do the things I love, self love is definitely needed when your a busy Mum. A simple walk, reading a book, a bath, a hobby can all make a huge difference to your mood. For me it’s creating whether that be knitting or crochet, I feel like “me” when  I’m in the midst of a project or planning a new make and my favourite part is the actual making, there’s something so soothing about the rhythmic tap of knitting needles or the yarn overs of crochet and I love sharing my creativity with you all. 

So here is the long awaited blanket tutorial that I’ve made for my lovely cousins baby boy, Leo. 

It’s crazy simple and you can really let your own style shine through with colour changes, and it used up so much of my yarn stash that totally means I can buy more yarn right? Obviously if the other half is reading this, I’m just joking. I definitely have not ordered more yarn. Nope. Not me. I would never do that. *all lies.

So here goes, 

What you will need… 

– A good amount of yarn, I used Aran weight. But any weight yarn will work well. 

– Knitting needles (I used circlular with a long cord as the blanket will get quite wide) 5mm is what I used but just use whatever size is required with the yarn you are using. 

– Scissors 

– A darning needle 

How to…. 

Cast on 4 ( I use the long tail cast on method, but whatever method you prefer will work fine) 

1- Knit all stitches. 

2- Knit 1, increase ( knit in front and back of stitch) in next st, knit remaining sts. 

3- Knit 2, increase in next st, knit remaining sts. 

4- Repeat row 3 until the blanket is as wide as you would like. 


5-  Knit 2, Knit 2 together, knit remaining sts. 

6- Repeat row 5 until 5 sts remain.

7- Knit 2, Knit 2 together, knit 1.

Cast off. 

Job done.

I also made some cotton face scrubbies using the same pattern. They make lovely little gifts with a nice soap or cleanser and you can easily whip one up in an hour. 

I hope you enjoy my pattern, don’t forget to tag me in your makes #mypollyandjam I love to see your makes! 

Keep crafting lovelies.

Paula x 

Chunky knit hat pattern…. 

Well, I’m  back again! Twice in a week, we have “the beast from the east” to thank for that.  I’m usually a big fan of cooler weather but this snow fall feels never ending, I’m slowly going stir crazy. Although never ending winter does have its advantages, endless hours spent snuggled up knitting, warm fires, hot chocolate and being able to dress like an extra from Game of thrones (obviously a Stark, I am OF the North). 

So what’s a girl to do when you are stuck indoors for a million years. Knit, knit knit is the answer, always. 

I’m definitely a big fan of a chunky knit, they work up SO quickly and look great too. This hat pattern is no exception, you can whip one up in an hour or so easily.  The hat is an adult sized hat, but would also fit a child as it’s ribbed. The hat is super stretchy so it really is one size fits all. 


150 grams of Super Chunky yarn. 

9mm knitting needles. 

Darning needle


A Pom Pom 

I used Paintbox yarns new wool mix super chunky in ‘Slate green’ and ‘Washed teal’ for my hat, it’s a lovely soft yarn and I will definitely be purchasing more. 

The pattern

Cast on 48 

Knit 1, purl 1 (1×1 Rib) 

Turn, continue in 1×1 Rib till piece measures 30cm or required length. DO NOT cast off. 

Cut yarn and thread onto a darning needle, thread needle and yarn through each loop on the needles, like the image below…. 


Remove the knitting needle, pull the yarn to gather the top of the hat. Sew sides together  and pop on a Pom and voila you’re all done! 

You can make one for each family member, they make great gifts. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @pollyandjam or hashtag #mypollyandjam I love to see all your makes. 

Keep warm and safe,

Keep crafting lovelies 



My adventures in sock knitting…. 

So it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, I think I got caught up in an extended post Christmas fog of biscuits, nuts and gin. We’ve all been there right? I mean it’s the end of February and I really need to get my head out the clouds and get some work done. I hope that you all had a fabulously merry Christmas that was filled with laughter and good times. Christmas always seems to go by in a big blur of glitter, turkeys and tantrums for me, I guess having 3 little ones does that though hey. 

So, I’ve been sock knitting, yes you heard me, SOCK knitting! Actual SOCKS that are knitted! Can you believe it? I never, not in a million years thought that I would be able to master knitting socks, but I have!!!!  and you know what…. it really wasn’t as tricky as I had previously imagined. I mean don’t get me wrong its not gone without a million swears, some huffing and a bit (ok a lot) of yarn throwing. But I was so determined to master them, especially after seeing all the beautiful socks that the very lovely Michelle from Forever Autumn has been knitting. Michelle has been a great help on my sock knitting adventure and has gave me lots of great sock knitting advice, she definitely spurred me on to go for it! 
I started with ordering some circular needles as I think DPN’s (double pointed needles) look  far too fiddly for my liking. I ordered some HiyaHiya 2.5mm needles with a 80cm cord, and oh my, they are heaven to knit with and well worth the extra few pounds. 

I used Very Pink Knits  YouTube tutorial for knitting socks using the magic loop method. I really cannot recommend this tutorial enough, absolute game changer!!!! For my first sock pattern I used The Winwick Mums free Basic socks pattern for beginners it is so, so, easy to follow and has a great photo tutorial that  I found really helpful. I’ve also found Ravelry to be a really great source for sock knitting patterns, it’s definitely worth checking out if your not already a user. 

Now, if you’re a sock knitter you know all about the awful, dreadful syndrome that is SSS (second sock syndrome) now before I even started knitting socks I knew I would fall victim to this as you simply cannot call yourself a crafter without having at least one drawer full of abandoned, half made things. So yes, I finished my first sock and done a massive happy dance and then had to cast on another sock right away (addicted). A matching one? Of course not! However I did use yarn from my stash and didn’t buy any new so I feel like I’m winnning at life. 

I did however complete both socks!!!! I know…. I’m as shocked as you, a matching (ish) pair of socks that are glorious. I love them so much, I have worn them almost every night since I cast them off! The pattern is available on Ravelry free. 

 I’ve also joined in with the #2018sockalong hosted by Forever autumn  and Colourandcrochet over on instagram, it’s a laidback knit-a-long with a lovely bunch of fellow newbie sock knitters. The plan is to knit a pair of socks each month, there’s a monthly theme to help you.  So for my January ‘winter’ themed  socks (pictured above) I knit a pair of chunky bed socks.

My February ‘valentines’ themed socks are not yet finished, the pattern is another free one from Ravelry Twizzler socks by Bekah Sanders. I’m hoping to have them finished soon, they are in the most delicious hand dyed yarn ‘Tainted love’ by the lovely Verity of Truly hooked .
So a new obsession has begun, I just need an au pair and a extra pair of hands to fit it all in. 

Keep crafting lovelies 



Wool and the gang yarn review… 

So I was totally bowled over when the super lovely people over at Woolandthegang sent me the most amazing package of yarn. I’ve been admiring their yarn since I found their page many years ago on Instagram, they are such a modern, fresh and stylish knitting and crochet brand and I just LOVE all of the kits and the paper bags they arrive in. I mean it even had my name on it (happy dance).

The yarn…… 

I received 4 balls of Out of space dyed yarn in 101 spots which is 100% Peruvian cotton and super soft. I find most cottons to be quite splitty, not this, oh no, it’s so so smooth to work with and glides off your hook with no snagging at all, and the print, oh my! It is divine. I’m a huge monochrome lover so it’s right up my street. 

I decided to make up another of my “Maggie market bag” design as I needed to tweak the pattern and I thought this yarn would be pretty perfect. 

I was right, the spots….. the colour….. it was totally hitting all the spots (literally). I used some of the Feeling good yarn  in Hot Punk Pink to make some pom-poms to attach on the bag, and oh it is SO SO fluffy. Like candy floss fluffy and it made the most perfect Poms. Also the colour, oh the colour. This is definitely on my Christmas list this year in ALL the colours. I’m envisioning a fluffy striped rainbow cardigan in this heavenly fluff. 

So I finished the bag and I could not be happier with the result. The yarn has totally made it for me and has spurred me on to finally finish editing the bag pattern ready for release early next year. 

So here it is, another Maggie market bag. I hope you like her. 

So, onto the other two amazing yarns I was sent. Jersey be good in rusty plum and true blood red. This tshirt yarn is made from 98% cotton 2% elastane. I’m not normally a huge fan of reds, but I was asked a few months ago to make a hat in a lovely burgundy and since then I’ve been swooning over all the reds. The Rusty plum is such a lovely colour and definitely my favourite shade of red. 

I started knitting a clutch bag with it and it feels different to other tshirt yarns I’ve used in the past, it doesn’t give you the wrist/arm ache that working with thick yarn normally does. I don’t know if that is because I was knitting with it? I’ve only ever crocheted with tshirt yarn in the past. But anyway it’s good! 

The knitted clutch isn’t meant to be though, you know when your just not feeling a project? I think it needs a more textured stitch like herringbone, so after Christmas I shall have another go and show you my progress. The true blood red is destined to become a crocheted slouch bag for the summer, I have the perfect tan leather strap for it. 

So, all that remains is for me to say a massive thank you to the awesome guys at woolandthegang  for giving me the opportunity to review some of their beautiful yarn. I’ve really loved it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a truly magical new year! 

Keep crafting and I will see you on the other side. 

Paula xxx 

Ribbed Crochet hat – How to. 

Hi again guys..

So I’ve been making hats galore since the autumn came rolling in, knit, crochet, beanies and bonnets have all adorned my hooks and needles these past weeks. There’s just something so satisfying about a quick make though right? Hats are right up there as my number one handmade gift of choice. They make the perfect last minute gift to whip up in an evening or two. 

The easiest hat of them all has to be the ribbed crochet hat, it’s made up in one long rectangular piece then sewn up, no shaping or decreasing stitches required. Simple right. 

I used Paintbox yarns for my adult and child sized ribbed hats, I really love their colour selection, it’s a really nice quality acrylic yarn and it’s a bargain price. I’ve added some of their new sock yarn to my ever growing crafty wish list, it is heaven! 

How to….. 

I used less than 100g of simply chunky yarn and a 6.5mm hook ( you could use a 6mm to achieve a slightly smaller fit). I am using UK terminology through out. 

  • Chain – 37 (adult) 30 (child)
  • 1 treble in 3rd chain from hook, 1 treble in each of the chains till end. 
  • Chain 2, 1 treble in back loops only of each stitch till end. 
  • Turn and continue until you have 26 rows (adult) 24 rows (child).
  • Fasten off leaving a long tail of yarn to sew. 
  • Sew together the sides then sew around the top of the hat and pull it super tight to close. 
  • Sew in the ends. 
  • Pop on a Pom and your all done! 

So there you have it, a hat in every colour one for each day of the week  to adorn how you choose. I’m personally a huge fan of a Pom the bigger and fluffier the better.

 I really hope you enjoy my “How to”. I’ll be back in a few days with a yarn review Or you can catch me over on my instagram page daily Pollyandjam

Keep crafting lovelies 



A big hello…. 

A huge hello and welcome to Polly&Jam a little creative space where I will share with you my love of making, some ( too much, I have yarn hoarding problems) yarn, craft book reviews and lots of  crochet and knit patterns. 

So here goes…..let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Paula, I am a 34 year old Mama to three little monkeys we live in a little town in the North East of England and I love to create. Whether that be crochet, knitting or just general faffing I can always be found doing one or sometimes all of these things at once (I have TOO many wips, but who doesn’t right?). 

I love to take photographs and looking at them too, which is why I love Instagram SO much and where my crafting journey really took off. I am a self taught crocheter, it took me what felt like forever (and lots of swears) to master the hook but once I did oh my days was I hooked (literally). That was five years ago and since then I have learnt to knit, embroider, weave and sew. I definitely prefer crochet and knitting, but that doesn’t stop me admiring all the weaves, hoops and patchwork quilts. I think it feeds my creativity and makes me feel so much more inspired to create beautiful things. I create almost everyday, I think it definitely keeps me sane in my crazy Mama filled days. 

So that’s it I think? (For now anyway) I hope I haven’t bored you? I’ll be back in a few days with a free crochet hat “how to” so keep checking back for that. 
Keep crafting lovelies 

Paula xxxxx